What is Virtual Reality?

The definition of Virtual Reality derives, very directly, from the union of the words “reality” and “virtual”. A combination of present and current, or the Reality in which we live, and something “not present”, not real, but for the memo, Virtual, artificially created.

With the term Virtual Reality, we want to associate the fact of being present as sentient Humans, in a virtual space to increase human senses and perceptions through new experiences.

Our Senses

We have been used since childhood to count only five senses: smell, hearing, touch, taste and sight.

In Reality, our body and our brain use many more multiple reasons that help us and guide us in our daily experience.

A simple example is the sense of balance or that of pain.

These different senses, together with the classics we know, provide and send constant information to our brain that stores it along with the sensory perceptions we receive from the external environment.

All we know of our Reality is due to the continuous flow of information that our brain processes daily and decodes to interpret the environment around us.

It is clear that if we provide already established and pre-set information to our brain, our perception of Reality around us changes based on the information received.

In this case, therefore, a fixed reality presented to us will be perceived as “real”.


In a nutshell, Virtual Reality allows us to create a virtual space and present it to our senses by creating a completely different world for our brain by increasing the perception of our minds.

Talking in technical terms, VR is a three-dimensional space created by a computer that can be explored and allows interactions from and between people, called users.

In this case, the user becomes an integral part of the virtual world and can interact and perform predefined actions within the virtual space.

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