Do you want to discover possible uses of Marketing for Virtual and Augmented Reality?

We are here to offer you the best services that are in line with your needs! From the definition of the campaign to the development of the final product thanks to a selection of the best supplier in VR and AR solutions. 

Starting from the basics, what is the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality?

It’s a strange time to be alive when we now have three kinds of reality – normal reality (complete with grumpy spouse and athlete’s foot), virtual reality and augmented reality. What are the differences?

It’s key to see virtual reality as a fully synthetic world and to understand that augmented reality overlays virtual 3D graphics onto our real world (think Pokémon Go) augmenting the way we see our everyday life.

Virtual reality, in contrast, helps users feel like they are experiencing various activities.

Stated the main differences between VR and AR, it’s pretty easy now to focus on main activities to perform to reach the best results for the marketing campaign.

The future of Marketing solutions in VR is here! 

We are in love with new technologies and always in search of new possible uses in the business area. Our activities comprehend:

  • Strategy definition;
  • feasibility of the strategy in the market and the industry;
  • prototyping and dealing with internal supplier for the creation of the marketing solution,
  • definition of the next activities and production of detailed checklists and a strategic path for the company;
  • testing and first analysis of the proposed solutions;
  • delivering the final product and constant monitoring activities;
  • support to the client for fixing problems and help.

We believe in the use of Marketing for Virtual reality solutions, enhancing and promoting the company and brand awareness!

Among the different services that we offer, Virtual Reality activities and development solutions are done through selected suppliers that will deal directly with the company and us to develop the right answer.

We believe in the critical success of the new technologies applied to the marketing campaigns! We are using new and different channels to enhance the innovation level and the perception of the companies brands.

Below an infographic on the future of marketing for Virtual reality and all the industries.

Enjoy the read!!